Spanish Civil War Tours in Madrid

SpanishSites unique walking tours tell the story of the Spanish civil war through the eyes of four foreigners who took part in the battle for Madrid.  Our Madrid tours cover

  • American novelist Ernest Hemingway and the War in the Mountains
  • British writer John Cornford and Madrid’s Western Front
  • German photographer Gerda Taro and the Brunete Offensive
  • Irish poet Charlie Donnelly and the Battle of Jarama

With them, we leave the usual tourist trail far behind and enter the fascinating history of a conflict which shaped modern Europe.

Spain – a bloody civil war.  Between 1936-39 General Franco’s army,  backed by Hitler and Mussolini,  became locked into a bitter conflict with the elected republican government aided by Stalin.   Hundreds of thousands died as the country was torn apart.  The world looked aghast on at  what became a dress rehearsal for the even greater conflict to come – World War II.

Madrid a city under siege.   Franco’s army laid seige to Madrid for 860 days.  Madrileños and anti-fascist volunteers from other countries – the International Brigades – fought to defend the city under the now legendary slogan ‘No Pasarán’ (they will not get past).  Our Madrid tours tell the full story of that epic struggle.

no pasaran

Hidden history. Despite its importance the siege of Madrid remains a topic remains too sensitive for officialdom and the city offers no information for the intelligent, interested visitor.    SpanishSites’ Madrid tours exist to fill that gap.   Our walking tours are led by author Dr David Mathieson, who has lived and worked in Madrid for over 20 years.

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