About SpanishSites


SpanishSites Madrid walking tours are organised by Dr David ‘Fred’ Mathieson and Emma Leakey.

David Mathieson has been visiting, living and working in Madrid for more than 20 years. He has written extensively about politics and Spain in the Guardian, Financial Times, Private Eye, New Statesman, The London Evening Standard, Tribune, El País, El Correo, La Razón and for think tanks in London and Madrid. A qualified solicitor, David has a PhD in modern history and was Special Adviser to the former British foreign minister, the late Robin Cook.  His latest book, Radical London in the 1950s (with a foreword by the Rt Hon Alan Johnson MP, was published in 2016.

Emma Leakey was born and brought up in East Africa where many of the Leakey family have worked for decades on the search for the origins of humanity.  Emma’s family was also involved in more recent history and the events covered by Spanish Sites:  Emma’s grandmother knew John Cornford well and gave Basque refugee children a safe haven in her Cambridge home during the civil war.


Frontline Madrid cover vis [2]_Layout 1

 Dr David Mathieson’s fully illustrated guide to the walking tours of the Spanish civil war – with foreword by broadcaster Jon Snow – is now available.  To order your  paperback or kindle copy click on the icon.

We believe that all the material on our site is covered by common ownership licence.  If we have inadvertently infringed any intellectual property rights in any way please contact Spanish Sites and we will remove the protected material.


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